Backgammon start moves

backgammon start moves

How to play backgammon opening rolls. The Opening Roll. Plus some other inferior moves if you don. Best Backgammon Opening Moves – How should you open your backgammon game? Great Backgammon tips and strategies for best Backgammon Openning. Learn the optimal opening moves in backgammon for all dice rolls, according to top players and computer analysis. This is nicely balanced by having your runners split at the. Other articles on opening play. Online Slots — A Game of Luck or Strategy? By slotting your five-point you increase your chances of making this important point next turn. With the help of the modern computer programs, there is now little doubt or debate about opening moves.


Backgammon Beyond Beginner: 3. Openings (1 of 5) - The No-brainers

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